July 1, 2010


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Well somehow I got off the egg train this week. It’s my pan.. that’s basically ruined. Oopsies? I did bring a hard boiled egg for a snack though. 🙂 I had blueberries and milk for breakfast.

That’s basically all that’s going on or has gone on so far today. Tonight after work I’m heading up to the harrisburg area to get my nails done with the girls. I plan on doing a nail color change on my toes (instead of a pedicure) and then a manicure. I broke one of my nails earlier this week (boo!) so I don’t think I’ll get getting a french. Pink is the wedding color so I think I will be going with that. Maybe closer to a pink-red so that it still looks good for july 4th.

Tomorrow I have a whole schedule of how the day is going to go..

Shower in the morning, then out to get a spray tan and to the grocery store, home to unload and then head to the rehearsal, home to make cupcakes and get the veggie tray ready and anything else I can prep for the picnic on Sunday. I’ll do some major cleaning of the house for the picnic as well. Then I’ll have to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and pack my bag for the next day and head up to Mechanicsburg for the dinner and then girls night at Nicole’s.

Can’t wait to see how the wedding and everything works out! I’m definitely bringing fruit and also bagels to Nicole’s house for Saturday morning breakfast. Not sure what we’re having for lunch but hopefully something!!! We need to eat and I know that’s the last thing on the Bride’s mind but seriously, if we’re waking up at 8 and having breakfast and dinner isn’t until 7, I’ll need something in between. LOL i’m not a robot (though i wish i was). Anyway, should be fun. I don’t plan on drinking too much (maybe a glass of wine with dinner) because I don’t want to feel terrible at the picnic the next day!

Should be a fun 4 day weekend though, yesssss!

June 30, 2010

Day ?

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I’m going to stop numbering the days.. it’s hard to remember the number from the day before and looking back gets annoying. So i’m just going to label it Wednesday or whatever day it is..

Yesterday ended with kabobs and mojitos (and some ice cream later).. all in all it was a very good (and small) dinner. We had a great time with Matt & Marci, as we always do. I didn’t get to do my pilates or even take a walk with all the prep.. but I did get a swimsuit in the mail that i’m excited about and more motivated for.

Victoria’s secret is having giant sales right now! So I got a nice striped bandeau top and matching bottoms. The bottoms are a little snug but it’ll be good when the lovies are gone. Which brings me to my next main goal. I’ve decided that at this point 135 is more reasonable to attain by the 10th. That means that since this morning I was 142 (that’s right, down from monday) I’ll focus on losing 2 more lbs this week and then starting Monday, i’ll go back to no carbs and workout hardcore each day (hardcore means pilates and walking, both in one day, guaranteed). I’m thinking that it shouldn’t be hard to drop the 5 lbs, I have my menu planned out already and that’ll help me stick to what i’m making for lunch, etc. I think the eating plan and the exercise plan will help drop that weight and tone while i’m at it. 🙂

The week is almost over since I have off on friday, should be nice to sleep in a little. The kitties have been driving me crazy though scratching at the carpet in our room. Hopefully their new toy will deter them from doing that.

June 29, 2010

Day 22

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Well.. today is obviously a fail day. This morning I couldn’t make an egg because my pan was dirty, so I had milk and some strawberries. I had a tiny bit of cheese for a snack because I was in a meeting.. for lunch I had a turkey wrap and {gasp} french fries. I’m full now that I believe will last the rest of the day. I’m hoping it’s okay because I had meat (turkey) and fat (mayo) with the fries to help them digest slower.

Regardless, I believe this is a fail. Tonight we’re having friends over for kabobs and veggies and that should work out well for me. Plus, I hope to get a walk in.

Yesterday we had tuna, a little pasta and green beans for dinner and took a 1 mile walk, so that was good. I even did a mini pilates sesh after the walk.

Tomorrow I will be more strict and include some heavy pilates/yoga. Maybe I can do that today as well, we’ll see how much time I have before our friends arrive.

I really would like to get back on this wagon but I’m feeling less motivated recently. I need a swift kick in the rear!

June 28, 2010

Day 21

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This morning, as most mornings, I really don’t feel like eating. But I had the usual egg white and milk. Now i’m drinking water, waiting to have my pickle at 10 am.. maybe a little earlier. I don’t know what my deal is with hangovers these days (or this weekend) but I’m tired of it. I’m literally giving it up. My only stip will be one drink at a special occasion as long as there’s food involved to soak it up. I really enjoy weekends when I don’t drink and wake up sober feeling great every morning. Plus, when I start having babies I won’t be able to drink and I really won’t want to drink while they’re children either. Who wants to get woken up by your child at 8 am on a weekend and feel like poo? Probably no one and there’s an easy solution to that, not drinking.

So that’s my plan. The thing with the plan is, we have lots of friends who’s lives still revolve around drinking on weekends. I don’t know what people’s deal is. If they aren’t drinking they don’t think it’s as fun? Or they think drinking ups the fun level somehow? Drinking can actually get expensive. I don’t get it.

Now, I know this isn’t really part of the whole healthy life thing, but I want to talk about ice cream. Yesterday I made some for dessert for our friends at our cookout. And we didn’t get around to eating it but I let the girls try some of the overflow from the Strawberry. It’s amazing. The best strawberry ice cream I’ve EVER had. So in the freezer we have strawberry and then plain vanilla.. I think for our upcoming picnic on the 4th I’m going to make more flavors so the kids can make their own sundae’s or just choose a really awesome flavor of ice cream. Here are some of the flavors I plan to do..

Peanut Butter (my mom will LOVE this), Cake Batter, Black Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, Banana, Peach and Butter Pecan. Obviously there are tons more flavors to make but these seem like a good place to start. MMM i wish i could have some right now. But i’m actually going to be pretty strict this week due to the wedding on Saturday. I’m also going to do pilates every day and hopefully walk around the neighborhood as well. It’s been really hot out recently but it’s supposed to cool off a bit this week which will be nice (especially for the wedding). Can’t wait to have friday off and then Monday too for the holiday! Oohh long weekends are the best! Then the following weekend we’ll be going to the beach with my family, OCNJ! Can’t wait to have some good clean fun!

later in the day..

well i had a nice taco-ish salad for lunch and then a couple bites of strawberry ice cream. it’s fruit!! 😉 and yes, a little sugar. I’ll be okay, I think. Today i’m going to walk and do pilates when I get home. Hopefully it’s not raining at that point. Maybe I can get the walk in immediately and then worry about the pilates later on. Especially since there’s nothing on TV i have little excuses now. It’s so easy to think about exercising when I’m just sitting at work all day. It’s also been super hot out recently and that makes it hard to breathe but whatever, I’M DOING IT! 🙂

Day 19 & 20- FAIL

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I was a very bad girl this weekend.

Friday night instead of staying in (which we probably should’ve) we headed to a friends house for kabobs. This also included the best bruschetta ever which I can’t say no to and then wine (which was the worst idea ever).

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment at 10. I had a massive headache from the hangover dehydration thing so I was up at 6 to take some advil. That didn’t really help because I felt terrible during my hair appointment that took over 2 hours and I actually vommed in their bathroom. Yeah, really pleasant. Boxed Wine – 1; Michelle – 0. So when I got home I took about an hour nap, had some chips and guac that alex made and felt better. We headed off to a graduation party where I had a burger, pasta salad and mountain dew. Talk about a complete drop off of the wagon. Luckily I got filled up fast so I didn’t eat too much, oh.. but I did have cake then too. After the picnic, I met up with friends from the wedding i’m in this coming weekend for a bachelorette round 2. I had fun.. the service was terrible though.. and people rolled out wayy too early. We were left with 4 of us and Nicole’s parents at the next bar. I originally wasn’t even going to go to the next bar but I felt bad that no one else really stayed. I had a couple beverages during this time, two I think and then headed home. I was so tired and all I wanted was a good nights sleep with some sleeping in!

I got this Sunday morning! It was amazing! We got up, cleaned the house and got ready for our cookout we were having later with friends. We went to the store and reading china and glass for some other random supplies (a muddler and a pastry brush).. I made two batches of homemade ice cream (vanilla and strawberry) and then our friends eventually arrived. The wine was flowing again (though way better quality this time) and we had a delicious meal of grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled pineapple and then roasted potatoes and beer bread. Everything was really good and it was fun hanging out with everyone. After they left, we watched the rest of Stranger than Fiction which I started on Friday and then headed to bed. Of course I didn’t get the best sleep because of drinking and I don’t feel 100% today of course but that can be covered more in my Day 21 post.

June 25, 2010

Day 18

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Morning! I’m kind of tired this morning but awake. Can’t wait to sleep in a bit tomorrow and definitely on Sunday!!

Last night after Alex’s basketball game I had meatballs with sauce and one serving of corn for dinner. Yes, that was the only veggie in the house! I’m going to go after work and stock up.

Normal breakfast, i’m not even going to list it anymore because it’s always the same. For lunch i’m finally having what I put in the fridge on wednesday.. a taco-ish salad. Snacks should be good. I think I may have my sugar free red bull now though as opposed to later. I need a jolt of energy! Might have filet mignon for dinner. I’m making that cheesecake tonight, excited to see how it turns out with a new recipe and new method (no water bath!).

I’m going to call DirecTv to see if we can get a better plan today and then start the netflix trial and hopefully stream it through the wii! I really want Alex to see the 3 seasons of Arrested Development and there’s so much more on there that i want to see, including current movies. So i’m excited!

Happy Friday!

June 24, 2010

Day 17

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I’ll take it.. I knew it would start slowing down so maybe I shouldn’t weigh myself every morning just so I can see bigger loss’s than just .5 lbs. I’ll work on that. But i’m happy to see that it’s working.

I’m going to do pilates tonight before Alex’s basketball game at 7 and then go with him. I like watching it and it’s nice to sit outside. Even if it is sweltering. I was out twice this morning to do press checks and my a/c in the car definitely needs to be looked at because it blows semi-cold air.. more like room temp air, not as hot as outside air but not cold like it should be. I just don’t want to pay to fix it if it’s broken, the best I could hope for would be that it needs more coolant or something.

Anyway, normal egg white and milk for breakfast. I had my apple as a snack this morning and for lunch is a company lunch so I think we’re having hamburgers/hot dogs and i don’t know what else. I’m going to have a hamburger with no bun. I have a back-up lunch in the fridge in case i’m still hungry. My snack for later will be something that ‘s in the fridge, maybe cheese? And then who knows what for dinner. Maybe meatballs? Last night I made the mahi mahi, asparagus and spinach and made a white wine butter sauce to go over it. Made way wayy too much sauce for two people and dumped the rest (there goes a whole stick of butter) but it tasted good on the fish and the spinach.. i’m tired of asparagus, thank goodness it’s over.

Today should be easy for the rest of the day as i’m converting a file from Micro Publisher to Adobe InDesign which the last time I did that it took over a day, so I guess i’ll be working on it tomorrow too. Tomorrow is friday! Yahh!

The weekend should be fun and relatively low key. Saturday morning I’m getting my hair highlighted, blonder here I come! Then we’re headed to my cousin’s hs graduation party (love parties) and I’ll practice some restraint obviously. I’m making a cheesecake for this and can’t wait to try out Baking Illustrated’s recipe for NY Cheesecake. I may make a strawberry topping for it as well, we’ll see. Later on Saturday, I’m meeting the bride to be (for the wedding i’m in soon) and her other friends for a 2nd bachelorette party at Duke’s on the river. I plan to buy her a bunch of drinks/shots since I won’t be drinking and then when they head to the next bar, i’ll head home for the night. I’m going to look up some shots to get her and write them down so I don’t forget!

Sunday we’re having a cookout with some friends and we’ll just be relaxing all day. It’d be really nice if this cookout were at the one girls house instead of ours though, as her parents have a pool (lucky). Maybe i’ll buy some water ballons for a water balloon fight? 🙂

It’s going to be a good weekend!

June 23, 2010

Day 16

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The scale read 140 today. I knew there would be a large drop off at some point. How refreshing. Really it just solidified what I already knew. I could tell visually that my legs were smaller and my lovies were down a bit. Now I just need to keep it going.. I’m hoping the fruit addition doesn’t slow it down too much. I’d at least like to lose another 5 pounds by July 3rd (a friends wedding that I happen to be a bridesmaid in). I tried on the dress last night and my lovies kind of stick out.. so I’ll have to work on the pilates/yoga a little more and throw in some push ups for the sake of my arms.

So I guess I’m taking my goals in increments of 5 lbs. Therefore, I’ve reached Goal 1! Hooray! Goal 2 is when I hit 135 and then goal 3 is 130! If I can make it down to 125 even, that would be amazing!

Last night for dinner we went to Hoss’s for the salad bar. Spur of the moment idea. Again we were going to play tennis but it poured around 4:50 pm and when I got home it was finished raining but the courts were obviously wet. Maybe tonight!? I do love a Hoss’s salad bar though!

For breakfast I had the usual egg and milk. I was actually afraid we didn’t have any eggs but Alex saved the last one for me. He must’ve had something else for breakfast. Snacks will be cheese and an apple if I don’t end up eating it at lunch. Dinner we’ll have fish because there’s one thawed in the fridge. Easy peasy. I haven’t been enjoying veggies for dinner so much currently though. I think it’s because it’s just been overload.

I want to spend the next couple weeks (before our July 4 picnic) making homemade ice cream for ‘make your own sundaes’. I figure that homemade ice cream will be A. cheaper and B. delicious-er than store bought. Who knows about the cheaper but definitely B. I just need to figure out the flavors. Maybe i’ll even make some sorbets for people who like those (or want to try them).

I’m in a good mood today, and though it’s just wednesday (and not friday as i wish) and i was tired this morning (stupid allergies, go away!) I have some work stuff to do to get me through part of the day (at least) so that’s a good thing! And i can’t wait to have a sugar free red bull!

later on in the day..

So just went out to lunch with some ladies from work to Loxley’s. Let me just say, not a south beach or carb friendly menu but the atmosphere is killer. I love sitting outside! Anyway, this is the same place I talked about the other day that doesn’t describe their menu items well. So I had a caesar salad because that was the safest thing on the menu and I ordered grilled chicken with it. Last time I was there for lunch I had cheese/chicken quesadillas which were good but how can anyone mess up quesadillas? they can’t. So more and more, i’m dissatisfied with their food (other than the quesadillas). The salad was okay.. too big if you ask me and the chicken was blah and room temp. Definitely hadn’t just been grilled.. it wasn’t even near hot and flavorless. Now chicken isn’t my favorite thing ever so maybe i’m being hard on it, or maybe it really was just that bad. So from now on.. Loxley’s for a night stop (aka cocktails) maybe.. for dinner, never! Also the server seemed very awkward.

Anyway, i thought i did well. They even brought bread to the table and I didn’t partake in that. I had a nice lunch ready for today though that i’ll save for tomorrow.. and definitely having that apple as a snack later. Not even thirsty for Red Bull anymore but that may pass.

So far it’s an easy wednesday! Let’s hope it continues!

June 22, 2010

Onto the Fruit Phase

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So I was just reading on a South Beach forum that weight may stall if you are close to your goal, as in.. about 10-15 lbs. Well, then I’ve always been close to the goal, because 15 lbs is my goal.

But anyway, people on the forum were saying that if you’ve completed 2 weeks with stalled results, move onto phase 2 and see if that helps. So I plan to do so. I’ve decided to let 1 serving of fruit into my diet world. At least for one week and we’ll see where that takes me. I may continue that for two weeks and then in week five I’ll start to add whole grains back in by a serving a day.

Hopefully this helps and there is no guarantee but at least it’s something new and it’s fruit! The fruit season is upon us right now so thank goodness I can finally have some!

Day 15

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Well last night I left work with a headache and had it basically til I went to bed. I took Benadryl Allergy this morning but so far it’s not working. We didn’t get to play tennis but we did have taco salads for dinner and watched Cadillac Records.

Today, I took the meds I just mentioned, thought about not going into work.. got up and got ready and decided I might as well. I had an egg white and milk and I’m tired. I’m also still 144. Crazy! It feels like I’m shrinking a little though physically so I don’t know what the scale deal is. I’m going to try to change the batteries tonight and see if that helps!

I didn’t bring my lunch in, so I have to go home to eat it. If I still don’t feel 100% I might just stay there. I got enough sleep last night but I’m still tired.

So that’s about it, really.

Later in the day…

Feeling much better now. Not sure why exactly. But less tired, maybe because it’s the afternoon. Just had lunch.. went to the grocery store to pick up some things to keep here at work. I got gala apples (yum.. and this satisfies my fruit serving for the day) and some soft cheese (it was okay.. it would be better spread on some crackers but I can’t have those quite yet). And I got some italian salad mix and put a peppercorn dressing on it. I also got some Red Bull but they were warm so they’re cooling down now. I should be set for the next couple days for sure! At least in the lunch department. That’s one thing I don’t have much time to do in the morning.. make lunch. I’m not in the eating mindset at all so really I can’t get past making an egg white.

I don’t know what we’ll have for dinner, but i’m up for Tennis today, I think. Feeling a lot better!!!

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