June 8, 2010

Chore list to keep busy

Posted in Projects, South Beach at 6:23 pm by mbru15

Well I was searching for a “before” picture from my photos on facebook and came up empty handed. There aren’t any good body shots. I’ll have to search my home computer to see if I have any recent ones.

So now i’m going to tell you my list of household chores that should keep me busy during this transition into a healthier life.

Basically, I love TV and could watch it a lot. Not all the time because there isn’t something on all the time. But I DVR the heck out of TV and it’s great. One thing it does though, is make me feel lazy. So I made a list to curb the laziness that would normally ensue. We moved in about 4 weeks ago, so though we are unpacked, not everything is exactly organized the way we want it.

List of things I need to do around the house:

#1 – Clean up and organize the Study. We’re using the formal living room as our ‘study’ because our desk wouldn’t fit in what would’ve been the office. Even though the office is basically like a giant closet that contains two more large closets. It’s probably smaller than most walk in closets. ANYWAY. There’s a love seat in there, a piano, an organ, an old TV stand and our current desk. Uhm.. clutter! They should be selling the piano soon and maybe i’ll put that TV stand in my craft room (see below). I want to move the loveseat and it really needs some curtains and also probably some wall decor!

#2 – Organize the Storage Room (aka the old Office). I want to make it into a craft room which includes a wrapping paper station. It has horrible wall-paper, so maybe I can muster up the energy to take that down. I wouldn’t mind having white walls. I want to put up shelving and a wrapping paper holder thingy, and my future SIL got me some cute stuff to store bows and ribbons in. We have some random chairs in there and a small desk we’re storing for Alex’s parents. So i need to decide if it will work in the room or if it needs to be moved up into the attic storage space. I’m thinking the latter because it’s ugly but we’ll see.

#3 – Clean up and organize the Garage. By this I mean do a complete clean up/organize. We did a half-assed job when we moved in, i swept it out but didn’t organize. Granted there’s still some crap in there that needs to be moved up to the attic because his parents didn’t know what to do with it. We’ll move it up there and hopefully have a nice little area to store stuff, including the grill (even though I think that belongs in the back yard).

#4 – Clean up and organize the basement. Basements are so dirty and ours is exceptionally spidery. I don’t know where they come from but maybe if i suck them all up with the shopvac, they’ll never return?? Really though, it’s messy and there are un-needed boxes in a lot of it. Alex is just starting to get all his homebrew stuff organized and there’s a minivan on the other side but hopefully that’ll be outta there soon enough. It’d be awesome to have a ping pong table down there!

#5 – Buy a new vacuum than use it. The one we have is really old and our cats are losing more hair (fur??) these days. I think it’s because Domino (the black and white, but mostly black one) thinks that being brushed is playtime and will literally bite you if you try to hold him down. I need a hood or something to put over his face so he can’t see me.

#6 – Sew two duvet covers. They’re too expensive to buy and how easy would it be to sew them. Now all I need to do is borrow a sewing machine and find large, cheap fabric with a fun pattern.

#7 – Find some decor for our master bedroom. We have one thing to hang up but the walls are mostly empty. I’m going to try to look at some DIY craft blogs to get inspiration and keep the cost down.

#8 – Clean out/Sweep out my car. It’s messy.. i mean, it’s a car. I spend 30 minutes a day (avg) total in it (not including weekends) so I don’t think about it much.

That should keep me busy for a while. Some of those projects are going to be pretty big. At least it should keep my butt up off the couch!

Also, for lunch I ended up having a tossed salad. Of course it came piled high with pickles, sweet peppers and onions, all of which i removed  (not because of diet restriction, just general dislike. I mean, I like pickles but not on a salad covered in ranch). And the dressing was dumped on top of them so that removed most of that as well. But it was good and I think if I get it again, I can tell them just tomato and lettuce.


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