June 8, 2010

Day 1

Posted in South Beach at 3:47 pm by mbru15

Well now that I wrote the introductory post, I feel like I can talk about today.

Breakfast is the hardest meal for me. I have to force myself to eat eggs (though I enjoy dippy eggs with toast. my mom makes them the best). So this morning I had one egg white with a couple dabs of ketchup for flavor. I used my husbands baby cast iron skillet which I hated. I’ll have to pull out my baby non-stick from now on. The egg was just too gooey this morning.

I had a snack at 10.. a polly-o string cheese and a couple pepperoni slices. I also drank a SF (Sugar free) Red Bull, which I love. Now I need to find something good for lunch since I didn’t pack anything.

I’m thinking we’ll do fish for dinner with some fresh veggies. We have snap peas growing in the garden right now that are ready to eat, we also have organic asparagus and garden broccoli. And we’re taking a trip to the local farmers market, so hopefully we can get lots of fresh stuff there too for tomorrow and the weekend. I’m going to buy a microwave steamer at Target this week and start using that for veggies for lunch. I love veggies and I can’t do salad everyday so this is a good solution to the lunch problem.

For exercise even though we’ll be walking around the market, I want to walk a mile or so around the neighborhood. I need to map it out but it should be pretty easy! Not to mention the weather has been perfect so far this week!!

Yay for Day 1!!


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