June 8, 2010

Here we go!

Posted in Life Stuff, South Beach at 3:05 pm by mbru15

So I have a blog on blogger and I wanted to start a new one about my journey to a healthier life. I love all the wordpress blogs that I subscribed to through blogger and already i’m impressed. So many more tools and options!

But that’s not why i’m here. I’m here, writing this now, because I want to get healthier. I’ll start with some stats.

Name: Michelle

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 5’5″ and 145 lbs

Activity Level: Light – Moderate

Healthy Eating Scale (1-10): 8.5

Problem Areas: Upper Thighs and Love Handles

Goal: 130 lbs

How to attain goal: I’m going to be doing the South Beach diet as well as exercising.

Here’s a background of my life: Basically throughout my childhood and high school, i was very active in sports and in high school i hummed around the 120-125 mark. With gym class every day and only one chance to eat, followed by after-school sports plus the fact that when you’re younger your metabolism is moving faster, it was really easy to maintain that weight. Even through my first year of college I maintained that. Then when I moved home, walked less and ate more, didn’t do any extra-curricular sports or activity. I transferred to a different school with maybe one friend there and though my walking started back up, a little thing called alcohol and late night food began.

Since graduating, I dropped some weight.. but not as much as I’d like. I play volleyball in a rec-league in the winter time once a week but during the summer months I’m not as active. Luckily it’s June 8th.. plenty of time to turn that around. My husband and I like to play tennis and we recently moved out of a city and into a suburb so the neighborhood is way more conducive to walking around safely.

I outlined my plan above but here’s some more detail. I have done the South Beach diet before so it’s nothing new. But each time I lose weight, I think that I need to be rewarded, so I have some carbs. It’s a vicious cycle that i’m ready to break. Starting today. So my plan is to do Phase 1 for 3 weeks straight and then move to phase 2 and stay there. I plan to walk outside, play tennis or do pilates/yoga every day to help speed the weight loss and toning.

My goal is to lose 15 lbs and get down to 130 lbs by July 10th. That is the day my family leaves for the beach for a couple days. Every year, I dislike myself in a bikini and this year, i’m going to enjoy it. This is my inspiration. I have lots of skinny friends that look amazing in swim suits and I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t. That’s really the root of my inspiration though sometimes I tell people it’s because I want to be in shape when I have children so that I bounce back faster. That is also true but it’s mostly because I want to look as good as my friends do. It really seems like they don’t even try even though i’m sure they actually do.

Maybe you’re wondering why I decided to write a blog about this. Well, it’s just the start of a blog that can hopefully translate into a life blog. It’s starting as a lifestyle change blog and can hopefully transition in the future into a life blog, then maybe a baby blog and back to a life blog. I really enjoy writing about what i’m doing in my life and hopefully can look back on it one day and remember all the good times and maybe some of the hard times. Otherwise, i’m sure to forget.. since my memory isn’t the best already!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing much more! Here’s to success in a healthier life!


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