June 9, 2010

Day 2

Posted in South Beach at 12:59 pm by mbru15

Well well well.. this is easier than I thought.

Mentally, i’m in the zone. That is helping. Here’s to hoping I stay in the zone!

Well yesterday, I said we were going to a farmers market after work. Well, it wasn’t just farmers.. it was also junk sellers. I hate markets like that.. I’d rather just have a produce market because that’s all I really want. We walked the whole thing which I have to tell you was more than a mile, i’m sure! We only got a couple things since we won’t be doing dinner at our house the rest of the week. We got fresh pickles and some strawberries for Alex. It was pretty depressing seeing all delicious food being made fresh and knowing that i can’t have any of it because it all contains carbs. If we go back, we’ll be getting veggies and maybe some fruit for Alex and that’s it! Now we know we don’t have to go down certain ‘junk’ aisles. Junk should be banned from being sold.. that’s how people become hoarders!

For dinner we had shrimp stir fry with vegetables. I found out that i don’t really like chinese 5-spice.. or Alex just put too much in. I also don’t like lots of onions or sun-dried tomatoes in a stir fry. I’m very simple when it comes to those, garlic and olive oil is enough for me.

Okay, okay.. back to today. Another morning, another egg white with a tiny bit of ketchup and 3 oz of 1% milk. Easy peasy. I don’t think I will ever like the egg.. but I chalk it up to not being hungry later if I do eat it. I’m so boring when it comes to this diet, I eat some of the same things every day. Today for my snack i’m going to have some string cheese and some pepperoni (just like yesterday) and then i’m going to the same place to get a salad (just plain this time) because it was good. And if I find a place with a salad I like for 4.50, I should go there because at least then i’m eating a salad for lunch.

I received my order from Hollister yesterday. Just some clothes. Some that I need to drop the 15 lbs for. I’m sure some that only need 5 lbs of droppage but how great will I look in them when I drop the full 15! mot-i-vation.

It’s hump day! Score!

-Later in the Day-

Well, I figured i’d continue this post since I wrote it this morning and it’s technically still day 2.. maybe not technically, it is.

I had the same salad for lunch as yesterday minus all the gross stuff but this time it was drenched in dressing. I’m going to have to explore how to make this type of salad myself instead of wasting money. The problem is, ranch never tastes the same out of a bottle as it does when served to me.. sounds crazy, right? Well it’s true.

I have been having a terrible time focusing today and I’m not sure why. I’m going to chalk it up to boredom and also probably the whole ‘hate my job’ thing. Hate may be a strong word.. so how about severely dislike?

Not to mention that I have to go home after and eat a super fast meal because i’m heading 40 mins away for a high school graduation. Then tomorrow night i’m heading to the same area to have dinner with my grandparents. We timed this all wrong. I just hope the graduation doesn’t last forever. I need a shower, some sex and some sleep.. the 3 S’s.

Hopefully we can have a simple meal tonight, maybe just a taco salad. That doesn’t usually take long! Problem solved!


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