June 10, 2010

Day 3

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I will review what we had for dinner last night and then move onto today.

Alex was nice enough to have dinner almost ready when I got home, since we had to leave soon after. We had garlicky asparagus and mahi mahi with salsa. Not the taco salad I was planning but still good.. and definitely healthy. The graduation ceremony was long (as they all are) and after we took a lot of pictures and headed home. I’ve been waking up tired recently but i’m 90% sure it’s because of allergies.

This morning for breakfast, I didn’t have much time so I just had a glass of milk. And I brought the left over asparagus as a snack. I’m going to lunch today with one of our printers and I’ll probably get a salad. Tonight we’re going out to eat with my parents and grandparents, so I need to look up some places in Harrisburg that are 1. not a chain restaurant and 2. have a good menu that everyone will enjoy. I’m really craving mexican but I’m not sure how much my grandparents enjoy that.

I’m going to do my best to work hard today because when I do work hard, the day goes really fast. And I can’t stand to have another slow day going on! More and more am I in favor of shorter work weeks, even if that means longer hours. I need a new job. One that pays well and is flexible!

After Lunch

So the salad thing was a no-go.. they just didn’t have anything appealing. So I did this thing that some may consider cheating but I consider appeasing. I had a chicken/cheese quesadilla from the appetizer menu. I had two of the four hunks and it was delicious. Therefore, I probably ate about 22g of carbs or less.. just an educated guestimate. I feel good about it. Why? Because you can’t limit yourself all the time. That leads you to binge hardcore. So i’m not sorry about it and now I know that I can handle it without going crazy. That’s the whole point anyway.. I need to learn to eat small portions of good things every once in a while.

Tonight I decided we’re going to Red Lobster and I’ve already picked out what I’m getting after looking at their nutirion facts. Sidebar – very little at a restaurant is healthy, it makes me not want to go out to eat, ever! that’s probably a good thing!!! Ok so i’m going to get a tossed salad with ranch, this has 16 carbs and 3 of it is from the dressing. I’m thinking that this includes the good carbs that the veggies include, what else could it be? Croutons? Well I won’t be consuming those anyway! Then i’m going to have the build your own thingy with Shrimp Scampi (0 carbs) and then salmon (also 0 carbs) with asparagus (supposedly 5 carbs but again, they’re probably good ones). So that’s not bad! Planning ahead is doing me well so far. Even though lunch threw me off. Hopefully tomorrow I can take a walk around the neighborhood.. but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

PS. It’s gorgeous outside!


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