June 11, 2010

Old Photographs

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As I was uploading pictures from my camera last night, I thought i’d try to organize my iPhoto a little bit by naming the albums. After that was completed I looked through some old pictures of myself from college (3-4 years ago now) and I think I have new inspiration.

Obviously I was a little thinner back then, really my happiest was my junior/senior year of high school and first semester freshmen year of college. Back when gym class was mandatory and after school sports were regular. Even in college for that first semester we had to walk everywhere and I even went to the gym from time to time.

Now as the week nights fill up with friendly dinners and other projects, it seems there’s less time for physical activity. The weekends include some but cleary not enough. It’s really awesome that it’s summer now and we’ll get to go swimming and kayaking, play tennis and maybe volleyball and just be outdoors.

Those photographs reminded me that it’s possible to drop the poundage and look/feel the way I used to. It shows me what i’ll look like if I do lose the weight, which i’m going to. I’m feeling very motivated to not give up and hoping the next couple of weeks fly by. I think it’s getting easier because my appetite is ceasing to exist as much as it was before. And i’m feeling smaller even if the scale doesn’t totally reflect it. Ohh 130 is going to look SO good on me!

I do know one thing though.. diet cola tastes best with a lemon wedge! 🙂


Day 4

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Last night recap:

Well Red Lobster was delicious! And i got what I said I was getting plus had a couple chips with the lobster/spinach/artichoke dip. I did not have any biscuits! So I consider it a success!

However, when i stepped on the scale this morning, it was more than yesterday, so it overall.. was no success. Lesson learned though! This weekend will be a breeze!

Today so far I’ve only had 3 oz of 1% milk.. no time to make an egg for breakfast (i’m not crying about it because I actually don’t like eggs for breakfast). I didn’t eat that asparagus from yesterday so that’s my lunch and I have cheese and pickles as my morning and afternoon snack. Seems simple enough. We’re going out to eat again tonight at Iron Hill.. sheesh! All this eating out! But I’ll either get the fajita taco salad or just a tossed salad and chili.. the 2nd option is cheaper. The taco salad is $14!!!! I know right! It’s delicious but not really worth $14. I mean, it’s just lettuce, some avacado, chicken.. can it really cost that much? Their profit margin must be through the roof on that salad!

I truly cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow! And Sunday! This should be a very relaxing and yet productive (as I attempt to cross things off my chore list) weekend. So happy it’s friday! Have a fab weekend!!