June 14, 2010

Day 5 & 6

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Well this weekend wasn’t easy.. I’ll explain 🙂

Saturday I had my milk for breakfast, went for a 1 mile walk, had some cheese, watched Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and had a nice salad for lunch. My afternoon turned into getting a mani/pedi (made me never want to get a pedi again) and then going out to dinner at El Serrano which is a fab peruvian restaurant. Well at this restaurant you always get chips and salsa with your meal and their margaritas are the bomb! Did I have any?? NO! Well technically no.. I did have a traditional margarita, but it only had 10 g carbs so that seemed reasonable since I hadn’t had any bad carbs all day. The chip thing was hard though. They have the best chips and salsa.. and I usually get a dish that includes a tortilla but instead just got a taco salad. We went back to our friends afterward and they continued to drink and I continued to be sober. I’ve been painfully aware recently of how many carbs/calories are in 1. restaurant food and 2. alcoholic beverages. Not to mention I felt like a jumbo jet all weekend.

Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary, very exciting. We slept in and had breakfast, watched the serbia/ghana world cup game (which i slept through, mostly). Went to Bull’s Head pub for a couple hours where I again just drank Diet Coke with lemon and had a tossed salad for lunch. Our big dinner was later on and I was intent on being a good girl. We met a couple there celebrating their 1 year anniversary as well, isn’t that funny. Afterward, we stopped and looked at two open houses in a new neighborhood near our house just for fun and then watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. By the time that was over it was time to head to dinner.

After we arrived at Penn Square Grille, Alex told me that we will only have one 1 year anniversary and that I should throw the diet to the wind for one meal and celebrate. I knew I would regret it later but I agreed. We had calamari/rock shrimp and then thick cut bacon as appetizers. (Note to self, always share an appetizer). Then our meals came. I ordered Short Ribs which came with two butternut squash filled raviolis served with spinach and also a side of green beans. Healthy enough, right? I had a glass of Riesling with my appetizer and then a glass of Pino Noir with my meal. Great pairings. After dinner, we split a piece of creme brule cheesecake which was to die for. We actually got that comp’d due to our anniversary, so that was very nice. So my main fails: wine and dessert.. the other parts of the meal were fine in my carb book. Of course when we got home I felt like a jumbo jet again.

I’ve never really been so aware of how unhappy I am with my figure. Mostly my thighs and my love handles. I know i’ve said this before but everytime I sit down in shorts, I feel gross. Anyway, I’m back to business which was the plan anyway.. and considering the fact that even though I was dieting all weekend, Sunday morning I weighed like 143 or something.. which was up from the day before, after i had been SO good on Saturday. So that was very discouraging.

This week, i’m going to walk every day at least a mile and try to do the pilates/yoga dvd at least twice this week. Or maybe Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Saturday. I still feel motivated, so that’s a good sign….. right? 🙂


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