June 15, 2010

Day 8

Posted in South Beach at 12:48 pm by mbru15

1st day of the 2nd week. i’d say we should celebrate but i failed on sunday so yesterday was like starting over anyway. and i didn’t move an ounce on the scale this morning so phoey.

We had cheesy shrimp/asparagus last night for dinner and i had a pickle as a snack. Whoop-di-do. Our neighbors stopped by with a huge goodie basket too because we recently moved in. So nice of them! And it was stocked with crystal light (score!) stuff to make smores, peanuts/trail mix and chocolates. It was adorable and so thoughtful. And we watched the movie, Doubt. Which was kind of weird and the ending wasn’t really explaining anything. I guess it as a draw your own conclusion type thing. I’ll need a jump to conclusions mat to figure it out (office space).

Today, milk for breakfast. cheese for snack. pepperoni/salami for lunch with a pickle and then peanuts for afternoon snack. Boring boring. After work, Alex is going to Roots for produce and then we’re going to his parents house for pizza.. yeah!! except i won’t be eating pizza.. booo!! i guess i’ll be having salad…….. boring! Since I know no one reads this, I don’t really enjoy going over there on weeknights. Alex always wants to stay longer than i do and just when i think we’re about to leave, they bust out the coffee which usually has to be roasted first so we’re there another hour. I don’t know what my problem is but i have a slight one. I especially don’t want to go watch other people eat pizza. And also we’re going to pick cherries from the orchard.. even though I can’t eat those either! What a great trip for me!

Anyway.. yesterday i didn’t exercise but hopefully I can today!


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