June 15, 2010

Totally unrelated

Posted in Life Stuff at 8:46 pm by mbru15

So all day i’ve been thinking about this pizza thing. The going over to the in laws for pizza. Well no pizza for me actually, just salad. I’m trying to figure out what I can take over to eat since I don’t want salad and I don’t like any of the dressings they usually use. Hm.. what to take?

It kind of makes me annoyed. Though I definitely don’t want people to only please me, or only do what I want to do.. I don’t want to go. I just don’t really like being around them that much. We just saw them on friday, why so soon again? I’m in a weird mood right now. It’s probably the fact that I really want pizza but can’t have any. Also, there’s some behind the scenes stuff going on that’s stressing me out that I could probably share but don’t know if that’s really necessary. I’ll just keep struggling with it internally. At least until I get home and can talk to Alex about it. Gaaaah- I hate my job and I wish my life were a little different! I wish we could pick up and move wherever we wanted (we can’t) and I wish we could at least move halfway between my parents and his (we never will) and it’s all just really stressing me out right now. Not to mention, I never really get stressed. So this is new. And terrible!


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