June 16, 2010

Day 9

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I should just call this Day 1

SHEESH! The scale went up this morning. AGAIN.. that’s right. I haven’t been eating any carbs and i’m actually gaining weight. No more diet products and i’m still gaining weight. WTF!

I’ve decided that maybe not eating breakfast is the kicker. So i’m going to make sure I have breakfast every day. Even if it kills me. I’ve been so tired in the morning recently though due to allergies that it’s hard to wake up earlier than my normal wake up time. I’m going to try to work on that.

Last night I had salad for dinner. That’s it, salad. Everyone else had pizza. It was sad and it looked good. Then we went out to the orchard and picked sour cherries. Could I taste one? No. But that was my work out. By the time we got home, I showered and we went to bed. I was reading some of the South Beach books though and I’m figuring I should make some of the recipes ahead of time and freeze them so that I can take less thought out of what to eat.

Today I had an egg white for breakfast and 3 oz of milk. I’m going to have a cheese stick for a snack and i’m going home for lunch to have veggies.. maybe some meatballs. it’ll be good to get away from my desk, even if it is wasting gas. I will update with more later.

Later in the day..

So for lunch I went home and sauteed peppers and onions and put them on a bed of lettuce with salsa and some sour cream. I didn’t eat the whole thing because I was filling up fast. I still feel like a beluga whale. But whatever. It’ll probably rain tonight and Alex and I wanted to play tennis so i’ll have to do some pilates instead.. and vacuuming with our new vacuum.

I’m still stressed a bit due to the lack of weight loss and the whole other sitch that i didn’t explain but I expressed my feelings to Alex last night and he was understandably frustrated. I won’t be explaining further. I’m sure it’ll work out, it’s just hard to plan 5 years in advance.

I don’t know what we’ll have for dinner. My cravings have disappeared because of not eating carbs (even though I haven’t dropped a pound, oh, i said that already.. my bad). So whatever Alex feels like having will be just fine.


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