June 18, 2010

Day 11

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Well yesterday, I did end up leaving work because I wasn’t feeling well. This resulted in me having a snack when I got home (a pickle) then later making meatballs, watching Penelope, playing some Wii and then taking a nap from 2:00 to 4:45.. then I had another pickle and for dinner I had some broccoli/cauliflower cheesy mixture that I actually don’t enjoy much, so I don’t think I’ll be buying those again.

Today, I don’t feel 100% but I didn’t want to waste a vacation day being home sick. I had my usual egg white and milk for breakfast and I’m going to eat the lunch/snacks I left here yesterday, pickle.. asparagus.. roasted soy beans. I’m not hungry but whatever, I will make myself eat!

Today of course, is one of Alex’s days off. He gets off every other friday because he works 9 hour days. I wish I could do that!

Tonight we’re going to DE to visit Alex’s brother and his fiance, one of my best friends, Laurel. Her birthday was Monday so we’re going to celebrate! I don’t know what we’re doing for dinner but it should be fun. Carb-less fun.. for me anyway. I actually like going to bed sober, waking up feeling normal with no hang overs in sight. I feel like I might adopt this permanently. The South Beach book says that in phase two, you can have up to 2 glasses of wine (preferably red) so I may partake in that every once in a while, but no more beer for me! Unless it’s a special occasion. But I don’t think i’ll miss it.

That reminds me, I got Laurel a killer birthday gift. It’s a cute picnic basket from Target with matching picnic tupperware and cute napkins, stemless wine glasses and a matching blanket that rolls up for easy carrying. I’m going to stick a bottle of wine in there! I hope she likes it!!

The scale still said 141 today, but hopefully I can get some exercising in before we leave for DE and drop some more poundage over the weekend. Another thing about the weekend is I barely post anything. I’m not generally near a computer over the weekend to update on my food intake/exercise activities, so sorry! 🙂

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

later in the day…

Well, I went home for lunch.. I had celery and peanut butter and crystal light. The asparagus just didn’t sound very delicious. It was regular steamed instead of pan roasted, so it wasn’t as good the night we had it and i’m sure it’s not as good right now though it’s still in it’s tupperware. Alex will eat it as a snack when I get home.

I did however talk to my mom for 40 minutes earlier in the morning and she de-stressed my stressful situation with lots of nifty ideas and very good points. SO I feel less stressed and Alex and I will talk about it when I get home. To ease the minds, it’s about buying a piece of property, a large one, that i truly believe we currently can’t afford and that I don’t even think is a good idea to purchase! And so.. my nose is stuffed yet running and my head feels cloudy. I should’ve taken some meds earlier, but I will when I return home. Gosh, i’m just so excited to give Laurel the picnic basket/blanket gift!!!

I love and hate fridays.. love it because the weekend is at 5 pm, hate it because i have to sit at work for 8 hours pretending to do something. I mean, it’s easy to pretend and I actually do get stuff done but it seems like such a giant waste of time.

Regardless, Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


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