June 21, 2010

Day 12 & 13

Posted in South Beach at 12:58 pm by mbru15

Well, this past weekend I was sick. So add the normal weekend toughness + sickness + activities even though I was sick = hard to follow the South Beach, I thought I was doing good though.

Friday night we hit the town in Newark, DE with our sibs and friend Matt. We ate dinner at a restaurant called Home Grown. I had mushroom soup and a salad and one nacho chip from the appetizer plate. No booze. We stayed up until 4 am and woke up at 9 am on Saturday. No Sleep + Sickness = bad combo.

Saturday morning I had eggs and milk. Beef Jerky as a snack and then basically nothing until dinner. We got home around 1 and just puttered around for a while, then cleaned and got ready for a cookout with some friends. We had grilled chicken, asparagus and baby new potatoes. I read in the SB book that the smaller they are, the less carbs they had. So I had some. I fill up fast these days while eating. So they drank and I had diet soda. We went to Bulls Head then Loxley’s and decided to get appetizers. I ordered the mini tacos thinking I could remove the shell and just mix up the contents into a salad. But apparently, they don’t have the correct descriptions because what came out was round tortilla chips, folded in half with a pasty meat/bean/jalapeno substance inside with a side of sour cream and salsa. So I ate them with all the sour cream because the SB book says add fat to anything to slow down digestion. I should’ve known that getting an appetizer was a bad idea. But again, no booze.

Sunday was Father’s Day of course, so Alex did a bit of grocery shopping after we woke up at 11 am. Of course he got pineapple to grill and stuff to make guacamole. Therefore I had the smallest piece of pineapple and some chips with the guacamole. We had NY Strip steak and green beans/zucchini otherwise. And later at my parents house I had caesar salad and marinated flank steak. Delicious!

So that doesn’t sound so bad, right? I mean, mix in the fact that exercise was nil and most of my free time spent playing wii or on the couch relaxing because of the sickness…. i’m back at 144. I’m thinking that me being strict this week and exercising like a feen will drop me back to 141 pretty quickly and then I can proceed from there. Next weekend (though hard, again) I will be doing no carbs (esp. because I didn’t exactly succeed this past weekend).

I will do it though, I’m still determined to lose these lovies. My thighs are getting smaller already even if the scale doesn’t agree. But this is a nice change. I need to walk around more though to really get those leggies into shape. Pilates/Yoga for lovies and walking for thighs, great combo!

Here’s to success this coming week!


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