June 21, 2010

Day 14

Posted in South Beach at 1:10 pm by mbru15

Tomorrow would be the official two weeks but I’m calling it one week because of the whole first week no weight loss screw up!

I plan to keep this up forever, basically.. and the modification will be a tad more lenient on the weekends. But i’m truly enjoying not drinking alcohol so heavily (not that I drank that much but I get carried away with it easily) and I’ve been doing good on weekends, I think, so if I can get down to my goal weight and keep it maintained once I get there, it should be good! Forever!

Today I had my normal egg white for breakfast and milk.

I brought some cheese as a snack in the morning and beef jerky for the afternoon. For lunch i’ll be having left over green beans and chicken.

Hopefully tonight we can go play some tennis. I think it’s supposed to rain later this week, so I’d like to get it in today. Hopefully fish for dinner with some garden veggies and salsa over the fish. I read a couple food blogs and they make amazing stuff.. can’t wait to be able to eat some small amount of carbs again to enjoy those sorts of things. Like fruit. I do miss that and it’s one thing I will definitely be adding back in (moderately) when I reach my goal weight.

I kind of feel like i’ve been treading water the past couple weeks and not really swimming forward towards weight loss. But I feel it and that makes it a little more motivating. It’s weird that I can see some differences but the scale doesn’t reflect that. Why do I rely so much on the numbers? I can’t tell you.. but it’s important to me, so that’s what i’m working with.


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