June 21, 2010

Life and what to do with it

Posted in Life Stuff at 7:00 pm by mbru15

I have no idea what I want to do with my life- in terms of a career.

Couple things.. I’d like to be an appraiser to make lots of money and i’m interested in Real Estate. I’d like to be a Real Estate agent because i’m interested in real estate. I’d like to be a school teacher because I’d get summers off. I’d like to be an interior designer because I find that interesting. I’d like to be involved in building homes because I find that interesting. I’d like to design floor plans because I find that interesting. I’d like to be a cupcake baker because I find that interesting. I’d like to be a chef because that sounds like fun, other than working at night.. so a private chef would be fun.

Problem is.. for most of this stuff, if not all of it. I need more schooling. I already have a Bachelors in Business-Marketing and I don’t know if I want to jump into debt for some schooling. All I know is, I’m unhappy in my current job. So unhappy that it gives me  a headache and every day I think about how I can lie so that I can leave and use some of my vacation time. I rarely do actually leave but I can tell you, I don’t do much during the day which is pretty unfair for everyone, including my poor brain that needs to think of alternate things to do to keep occupied.

Shouldn’t I be grateful that I have a job? Sure! But seriously, this job sucks. When they’re telling you for over 6 months that you’re going to get a promotion and it hasn’t come yet, it’s a little disheartening and annoying because even if you did get the promotion you’d still hate this place. So I guess I’m kind of punishing them for not giving me a raise by reducing my productivity to the level where I’m currently being paid.

The easiest approach to go is the Appraisal route. The cheapest probably as well. I need to take 3 classes (2 30-hr and 1 15-hr) and then I need to find a mentor (or 2) that will let me work for them and they’ll pay me a decent amount in return. I’ll probably need 2, definitely. One for residential and one for commercial. I have to take classes at the same time. No longer than 30 hrs so that’s bearable. And I can’t complete this whole program before 30 months. So it’s guaranteed to take a while but when I’m finished and get licensed, I can do whatever I want. (sort of). I’ll still have to work but hopefully I can make enough money and do it flexibly. Appraisal will hopefully get me out of my current job the fastest as well. Since I only need 75 hours, then basically I can get out of there. Income may be an issue. I’m not sure how much people pay trainee’s but it really can’t get much worse than what I’m making now and I’ll work part time if needed.

I really just need to get off my butt and do something. I’m motivated to lose weight but why not to get these classes underway so that I can change careers? What’s my deal??!

I’m going to set a start date of July 5th as these next couple weeks are going to be busy. And even though I’d rather be outside or doing something else, I really just need to buckle down and complete the courses needed to move on.


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