June 22, 2010

Onto the Fruit Phase

Posted in South Beach at 2:25 pm by mbru15

So I was just reading on a South Beach forum that weight may stall if you are close to your goal, as in.. about 10-15 lbs. Well, then I’ve always been close to the goal, because 15 lbs is my goal.

But anyway, people on the forum were saying that if you’ve completed 2 weeks with stalled results, move onto phase 2 and see if that helps. So I plan to do so. I’ve decided to let 1 serving of fruit into my diet world. At least for one week and we’ll see where that takes me. I may continue that for two weeks and then in week five I’ll start to add whole grains back in by a serving a day.

Hopefully this helps and there is no guarantee but at least it’s something new and it’s fruit! The fruit season is upon us right now so thank goodness I can finally have some!


Day 15

Posted in South Beach at 12:58 pm by mbru15

Well last night I left work with a headache and had it basically til I went to bed. I took Benadryl Allergy this morning but so far it’s not working. We didn’t get to play tennis but we did have taco salads for dinner and watched Cadillac Records.

Today, I took the meds I just mentioned, thought about not going into work.. got up and got ready and decided I might as well. I had an egg white and milk and I’m tired. I’m also still 144. Crazy! It feels like I’m shrinking a little though physically so I don’t know what the scale deal is. I’m going to try to change the batteries tonight and see if that helps!

I didn’t bring my lunch in, so I have to go home to eat it. If I still don’t feel 100% I might just stay there. I got enough sleep last night but I’m still tired.

So that’s about it, really.

Later in the day…

Feeling much better now. Not sure why exactly. But less tired, maybe because it’s the afternoon. Just had lunch.. went to the grocery store to pick up some things to keep here at work. I got gala apples (yum.. and this satisfies my fruit serving for the day) and some soft cheese (it was okay.. it would be better spread on some crackers but I can’t have those quite yet). And I got some italian salad mix and put a peppercorn dressing on it. I also got some Red Bull but they were warm so they’re cooling down now. I should be set for the next couple days for sure! At least in the lunch department. That’s one thing I don’t have much time to do in the morning.. make lunch. I’m not in the eating mindset at all so really I can’t get past making an egg white.

I don’t know what we’ll have for dinner, but i’m up for Tennis today, I think. Feeling a lot better!!!