June 22, 2010

Onto the Fruit Phase

Posted in South Beach at 2:25 pm by mbru15

So I was just reading on a South Beach forum that weight may stall if you are close to your goal, as in.. about 10-15 lbs. Well, then I’ve always been close to the goal, because 15 lbs is my goal.

But anyway, people on the forum were saying that if you’ve completed 2 weeks with stalled results, move onto phase 2 and see if that helps. So I plan to do so. I’ve decided to let 1 serving of fruit into my diet world. At least for one week and we’ll see where that takes me. I may continue that for two weeks and then in week five I’ll start to add whole grains back in by a serving a day.

Hopefully this helps and there is no guarantee but at least it’s something new and it’s fruit! The fruit season is upon us right now so thank goodness I can finally have some!

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