June 23, 2010

Day 16

Posted in South Beach at 1:07 pm by mbru15


The scale read 140 today. I knew there would be a large drop off at some point. How refreshing. Really it just solidified what I already knew. I could tell visually that my legs were smaller and my lovies were down a bit. Now I just need to keep it going.. I’m hoping the fruit addition doesn’t slow it down too much. I’d at least like to lose another 5 pounds by July 3rd (a friends wedding that I happen to be a bridesmaid in). I tried on the dress last night and my lovies kind of stick out.. so I’ll have to work on the pilates/yoga a little more and throw in some push ups for the sake of my arms.

So I guess I’m taking my goals in increments of 5 lbs. Therefore, I’ve reached Goal 1! Hooray! Goal 2 is when I hit 135 and then goal 3 is 130! If I can make it down to 125 even, that would be amazing!

Last night for dinner we went to Hoss’s for the salad bar. Spur of the moment idea. Again we were going to play tennis but it poured around 4:50 pm and when I got home it was finished raining but the courts were obviously wet. Maybe tonight!? I do love a Hoss’s salad bar though!

For breakfast I had the usual egg and milk. I was actually afraid we didn’t have any eggs but Alex saved the last one for me. He must’ve had something else for breakfast. Snacks will be cheese and an apple if I don’t end up eating it at lunch. Dinner we’ll have fish because there’s one thawed in the fridge. Easy peasy. I haven’t been enjoying veggies for dinner so much currently though. I think it’s because it’s just been overload.

I want to spend the next couple weeks (before our July 4 picnic) making homemade ice cream for ‘make your own sundaes’. I figure that homemade ice cream will be A. cheaper and B. delicious-er than store bought. Who knows about the cheaper but definitely B. I just need to figure out the flavors. Maybe i’ll even make some sorbets for people who like those (or want to try them).

I’m in a good mood today, and though it’s just wednesday (and not friday as i wish) and i was tired this morning (stupid allergies, go away!) I have some work stuff to do to get me through part of the day (at least) so that’s a good thing! And i can’t wait to have a sugar free red bull!

later on in the day..

So just went out to lunch with some ladies from work to Loxley’s. Let me just say, not a south beach or carb friendly menu but the atmosphere is killer. I love sitting outside! Anyway, this is the same place I talked about the other day that doesn’t describe their menu items well. So I had a caesar salad because that was the safest thing on the menu and I ordered grilled chicken with it. Last time I was there for lunch I had cheese/chicken quesadillas which were good but how can anyone mess up quesadillas? they can’t. So more and more, i’m dissatisfied with their food (other than the quesadillas). The salad was okay.. too big if you ask me and the chicken was blah and room temp. Definitely hadn’t just been grilled.. it wasn’t even near hot and flavorless. Now chicken isn’t my favorite thing ever so maybe i’m being hard on it, or maybe it really was just that bad. So from now on.. Loxley’s for a night stop (aka cocktails) maybe.. for dinner, never! Also the server seemed very awkward.

Anyway, i thought i did well. They even brought bread to the table and I didn’t partake in that. I had a nice lunch ready for today though that i’ll save for tomorrow.. and definitely having that apple as a snack later. Not even thirsty for Red Bull anymore but that may pass.

So far it’s an easy wednesday! Let’s hope it continues!

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