June 24, 2010

Day 17

Posted in Life Stuff, South Beach at 3:30 pm by mbru15


I’ll take it.. I knew it would start slowing down so maybe I shouldn’t weigh myself every morning just so I can see bigger loss’s than just .5 lbs. I’ll work on that. But i’m happy to see that it’s working.

I’m going to do pilates tonight before Alex’s basketball game at 7 and then go with him. I like watching it and it’s nice to sit outside. Even if it is sweltering. I was out twice this morning to do press checks and my a/c in the car definitely needs to be looked at because it blows semi-cold air.. more like room temp air, not as hot as outside air but not cold like it should be. I just don’t want to pay to fix it if it’s broken, the best I could hope for would be that it needs more coolant or something.

Anyway, normal egg white and milk for breakfast. I had my apple as a snack this morning and for lunch is a company lunch so I think we’re having hamburgers/hot dogs and i don’t know what else. I’m going to have a hamburger with no bun. I have a back-up lunch in the fridge in case i’m still hungry. My snack for later will be something that ‘s in the fridge, maybe cheese? And then who knows what for dinner. Maybe meatballs? Last night I made the mahi mahi, asparagus and spinach and made a white wine butter sauce to go over it. Made way wayy too much sauce for two people and dumped the rest (there goes a whole stick of butter) but it tasted good on the fish and the spinach.. i’m tired of asparagus, thank goodness it’s over.

Today should be easy for the rest of the day as i’m converting a file from Micro Publisher to Adobe InDesign which the last time I did that it took over a day, so I guess i’ll be working on it tomorrow too. Tomorrow is friday! Yahh!

The weekend should be fun and relatively low key. Saturday morning I’m getting my hair highlighted, blonder here I come! Then we’re headed to my cousin’s hs graduation party (love parties) and I’ll practice some restraint obviously. I’m making a cheesecake for this and can’t wait to try out Baking Illustrated’s recipe for NY Cheesecake. I may make a strawberry topping for it as well, we’ll see. Later on Saturday, I’m meeting the bride to be (for the wedding i’m in soon) and her other friends for a 2nd bachelorette party at Duke’s on the river. I plan to buy her a bunch of drinks/shots since I won’t be drinking and then when they head to the next bar, i’ll head home for the night. I’m going to look up some shots to get her and write them down so I don’t forget!

Sunday we’re having a cookout with some friends and we’ll just be relaxing all day. It’d be really nice if this cookout were at the one girls house instead of ours though, as her parents have a pool (lucky). Maybe i’ll buy some water ballons for a water balloon fight? 🙂

It’s going to be a good weekend!

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