June 25, 2010

Day 18

Posted in South Beach at 12:40 pm by mbru15

Morning! I’m kind of tired this morning but awake. Can’t wait to sleep in a bit tomorrow and definitely on Sunday!!

Last night after Alex’s basketball game I had meatballs with sauce and one serving of corn for dinner. Yes, that was the only veggie in the house! I’m going to go after work and stock up.

Normal breakfast, i’m not even going to list it anymore because it’s always the same. For lunch i’m finally having what I put in the fridge on wednesday.. a taco-ish salad. Snacks should be good. I think I may have my sugar free red bull now though as opposed to later. I need a jolt of energy! Might have filet mignon for dinner. I’m making that cheesecake tonight, excited to see how it turns out with a new recipe and new method (no water bath!).

I’m going to call DirecTv to see if we can get a better plan today and then start the netflix trial and hopefully stream it through the wii! I really want Alex to see the 3 seasons of Arrested Development and there’s so much more on there that i want to see, including current movies. So i’m excited!

Happy Friday!

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