June 28, 2010

Day 21

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This morning, as most mornings, I really don’t feel like eating. But I had the usual egg white and milk. Now i’m drinking water, waiting to have my pickle at 10 am.. maybe a little earlier. I don’t know what my deal is with hangovers these days (or this weekend) but I’m tired of it. I’m literally giving it up. My only stip will be one drink at a special occasion as long as there’s food involved to soak it up. I really enjoy weekends when I don’t drink and wake up sober feeling great every morning. Plus, when I start having babies I won’t be able to drink and I really won’t want to drink while they’re children either. Who wants to get woken up by your child at 8 am on a weekend and feel like poo? Probably no one and there’s an easy solution to that, not drinking.

So that’s my plan. The thing with the plan is, we have lots of friends who’s lives still revolve around drinking on weekends. I don’t know what people’s deal is. If they aren’t drinking they don’t think it’s as fun? Or they think drinking ups the fun level somehow? Drinking can actually get expensive. I don’t get it.

Now, I know this isn’t really part of the whole healthy life thing, but I want to talk about ice cream. Yesterday I made some for dessert for our friends at our cookout. And we didn’t get around to eating it but I let the girls try some of the overflow from the Strawberry. It’s amazing. The best strawberry ice cream I’ve EVER had. So in the freezer we have strawberry and then plain vanilla.. I think for our upcoming picnic on the 4th I’m going to make more flavors so the kids can make their own sundae’s or just choose a really awesome flavor of ice cream. Here are some of the flavors I plan to do..

Peanut Butter (my mom will LOVE this), Cake Batter, Black Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, Banana, Peach and Butter Pecan. Obviously there are tons more flavors to make but these seem like a good place to start. MMM i wish i could have some right now. But i’m actually going to be pretty strict this week due to the wedding on Saturday. I’m also going to do pilates every day and hopefully walk around the neighborhood as well. It’s been really hot out recently but it’s supposed to cool off a bit this week which will be nice (especially for the wedding). Can’t wait to have friday off and then Monday too for the holiday! Oohh long weekends are the best! Then the following weekend we’ll be going to the beach with my family, OCNJ! Can’t wait to have some good clean fun!

later in the day..

well i had a nice taco-ish salad for lunch and then a couple bites of strawberry ice cream. it’s fruit!! 😉 and yes, a little sugar. I’ll be okay, I think. Today i’m going to walk and do pilates when I get home. Hopefully it’s not raining at that point. Maybe I can get the walk in immediately and then worry about the pilates later on. Especially since there’s nothing on TV i have little excuses now. It’s so easy to think about exercising when I’m just sitting at work all day. It’s also been super hot out recently and that makes it hard to breathe but whatever, I’M DOING IT! 🙂


Day 19 & 20- FAIL

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I was a very bad girl this weekend.

Friday night instead of staying in (which we probably should’ve) we headed to a friends house for kabobs. This also included the best bruschetta ever which I can’t say no to and then wine (which was the worst idea ever).

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment at 10. I had a massive headache from the hangover dehydration thing so I was up at 6 to take some advil. That didn’t really help because I felt terrible during my hair appointment that took over 2 hours and I actually vommed in their bathroom. Yeah, really pleasant. Boxed Wine – 1; Michelle – 0. So when I got home I took about an hour nap, had some chips and guac that alex made and felt better. We headed off to a graduation party where I had a burger, pasta salad and mountain dew. Talk about a complete drop off of the wagon. Luckily I got filled up fast so I didn’t eat too much, oh.. but I did have cake then too. After the picnic, I met up with friends from the wedding i’m in this coming weekend for a bachelorette round 2. I had fun.. the service was terrible though.. and people rolled out wayy too early. We were left with 4 of us and Nicole’s parents at the next bar. I originally wasn’t even going to go to the next bar but I felt bad that no one else really stayed. I had a couple beverages during this time, two I think and then headed home. I was so tired and all I wanted was a good nights sleep with some sleeping in!

I got this Sunday morning! It was amazing! We got up, cleaned the house and got ready for our cookout we were having later with friends. We went to the store and reading china and glass for some other random supplies (a muddler and a pastry brush).. I made two batches of homemade ice cream (vanilla and strawberry) and then our friends eventually arrived. The wine was flowing again (though way better quality this time) and we had a delicious meal of grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled pineapple and then roasted potatoes and beer bread. Everything was really good and it was fun hanging out with everyone. After they left, we watched the rest of Stranger than Fiction which I started on Friday and then headed to bed. Of course I didn’t get the best sleep because of drinking and I don’t feel 100% today of course but that can be covered more in my Day 21 post.