June 30, 2010

Day ?

Posted in South Beach at 6:19 pm by mbru15

I’m going to stop numbering the days.. it’s hard to remember the number from the day before and looking back gets annoying. So i’m just going to label it Wednesday or whatever day it is..

Yesterday ended with kabobs and mojitos (and some ice cream later).. all in all it was a very good (and small) dinner. We had a great time with Matt & Marci, as we always do. I didn’t get to do my pilates or even take a walk with all the prep.. but I did get a swimsuit in the mail that i’m excited about and more motivated for.

Victoria’s secret is having giant sales right now! So I got a nice striped bandeau top and matching bottoms. The bottoms are a little snug but it’ll be good when the lovies are gone. Which brings me to my next main goal. I’ve decided that at this point 135 is more reasonable to attain by the 10th. That means that since this morning I was 142 (that’s right, down from monday) I’ll focus on losing 2 more lbs this week and then starting Monday, i’ll go back to no carbs and workout hardcore each day (hardcore means pilates and walking, both in one day, guaranteed). I’m thinking that it shouldn’t be hard to drop the 5 lbs, I have my menu planned out already and that’ll help me stick to what i’m making for lunch, etc. I think the eating plan and the exercise plan will help drop that weight and tone while i’m at it. 🙂

The week is almost over since I have off on friday, should be nice to sleep in a little. The kitties have been driving me crazy though scratching at the carpet in our room. Hopefully their new toy will deter them from doing that.

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