July 1, 2010


Posted in Life Stuff, South Beach at 1:07 pm by mbru15

Well somehow I got off the egg train this week. It’s my pan.. that’s basically ruined. Oopsies? I did bring a hard boiled egg for a snack though. 🙂 I had blueberries and milk for breakfast.

That’s basically all that’s going on or has gone on so far today. Tonight after work I’m heading up to the harrisburg area to get my nails done with the girls. I plan on doing a nail color change on my toes (instead of a pedicure) and then a manicure. I broke one of my nails earlier this week (boo!) so I don’t think I’ll get getting a french. Pink is the wedding color so I think I will be going with that. Maybe closer to a pink-red so that it still looks good for july 4th.

Tomorrow I have a whole schedule of how the day is going to go..

Shower in the morning, then out to get a spray tan and to the grocery store, home to unload and then head to the rehearsal, home to make cupcakes and get the veggie tray ready and anything else I can prep for the picnic on Sunday. I’ll do some major cleaning of the house for the picnic as well. Then I’ll have to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and pack my bag for the next day and head up to Mechanicsburg for the dinner and then girls night at Nicole’s.

Can’t wait to see how the wedding and everything works out! I’m definitely bringing fruit and also bagels to Nicole’s house for Saturday morning breakfast. Not sure what we’re having for lunch but hopefully something!!! We need to eat and I know that’s the last thing on the Bride’s mind but seriously, if we’re waking up at 8 and having breakfast and dinner isn’t until 7, I’ll need something in between. LOL i’m not a robot (though i wish i was). Anyway, should be fun. I don’t plan on drinking too much (maybe a glass of wine with dinner) because I don’t want to feel terrible at the picnic the next day!

Should be a fun 4 day weekend though, yesssss!

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