July 1, 2010


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Well somehow I got off the egg train this week. It’s my pan.. that’s basically ruined. Oopsies? I did bring a hard boiled egg for a snack though. πŸ™‚ I had blueberries and milk for breakfast.

That’s basically all that’s going on or has gone on so far today. Tonight after work I’m heading up to the harrisburg area to get my nails done with the girls. I plan on doing a nail color change on my toes (instead of a pedicure) and then a manicure. I broke one of my nails earlier this week (boo!) so I don’t think I’ll get getting a french. Pink is the wedding color so I think I will be going with that. Maybe closer to a pink-red so that it still looks good for july 4th.

Tomorrow I have a whole schedule of how the day is going to go..

Shower in the morning, then out to get a spray tan and to the grocery store, home to unload and then head to the rehearsal, home to make cupcakes and get the veggie tray ready and anything else I can prep for the picnic on Sunday. I’ll do some major cleaning of the house for the picnic as well. Then I’ll have to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and pack my bag for the next day and head up to Mechanicsburg for the dinner and then girls night at Nicole’s.

Can’t wait to see how the wedding and everything works out! I’m definitely bringing fruit and also bagels to Nicole’s house for Saturday morning breakfast. Not sure what we’re having for lunch but hopefully something!!! We need to eat and I know that’s the last thing on the Bride’s mind but seriously, if we’re waking up at 8 and having breakfast and dinner isn’t until 7, I’ll need something in between. LOL i’m not a robot (though i wish i was). Anyway, should be fun. I don’t plan on drinking too much (maybe a glass of wine with dinner) because I don’t want to feel terrible at the picnic the next day!

Should be a fun 4 day weekend though, yesssss!


June 28, 2010

Day 21

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This morning, as most mornings, I really don’t feel like eating. But I had the usual egg white and milk. Now i’m drinking water, waiting to have my pickle at 10 am.. maybe a little earlier. I don’t know what my deal is with hangovers these days (or this weekend) but I’m tired of it. I’m literally giving it up. My only stip will be one drink at a special occasion as long as there’s food involved to soak it up. I really enjoy weekends when I don’t drink and wake up sober feeling great every morning. Plus, when I start having babies I won’t be able to drink and I really won’t want to drink while they’re children either. Who wants to get woken up by your child at 8 am on a weekend and feel like poo? Probably no one and there’s an easy solution to that, not drinking.

So that’s my plan. The thing with the plan is, we have lots of friends who’s lives still revolve around drinking on weekends. I don’t know what people’s deal is. If they aren’t drinking they don’t think it’s as fun? Or they think drinking ups the fun level somehow? Drinking can actually get expensive. I don’t get it.

Now, I know this isn’t really part of the whole healthy life thing, but I want to talk about ice cream. Yesterday I made some for dessert for our friends at our cookout. And we didn’t get around to eating it but I let the girls try some of the overflow from the Strawberry. It’s amazing. The best strawberry ice cream I’ve EVER had. So in the freezer we have strawberry and then plain vanilla.. I think for our upcoming picnic on the 4th I’m going to make more flavors so the kids can make their own sundae’s or just choose a really awesome flavor of ice cream. Here are some of the flavors I plan to do..

Peanut Butter (my mom will LOVE this), Cake Batter, Black Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, Banana, Peach and Butter Pecan. Obviously there are tons more flavors to make but these seem like a good place to start. MMM i wish i could have some right now. But i’m actually going to be pretty strict this week due to the wedding on Saturday. I’m also going to do pilates every day and hopefully walk around the neighborhood as well. It’s been really hot out recently but it’s supposed to cool off a bit this week which will be nice (especially for the wedding). Can’t wait to have friday off and then Monday too for the holiday! Oohh long weekends are the best! Then the following weekend we’ll be going to the beach with my family, OCNJ! Can’t wait to have some good clean fun!

later in the day..

well i had a nice taco-ish salad for lunch and then a couple bites of strawberry ice cream. it’s fruit!! πŸ˜‰ and yes, a little sugar. I’ll be okay, I think. Today i’m going to walk and do pilates when I get home. Hopefully it’s not raining at that point. Maybe I can get the walk in immediately and then worry about the pilates later on. Especially since there’s nothing on TV i have little excuses now. It’s so easy to think about exercising when I’m just sitting at work all day. It’s also been super hot out recently and that makes it hard to breathe but whatever, I’M DOING IT! πŸ™‚

June 24, 2010

Day 17

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I’ll take it.. I knew it would start slowing down so maybe I shouldn’t weigh myself every morning just so I can see bigger loss’s than just .5 lbs. I’ll work on that. But i’m happy to see that it’s working.

I’m going to do pilates tonight before Alex’s basketball game at 7 and then go with him. I like watching it and it’s nice to sit outside. Even if it is sweltering. I was out twice this morning to do press checks and my a/c in the car definitely needs to be looked at because it blows semi-cold air.. more like room temp air, not as hot as outside air but not cold like it should be. I just don’t want to pay to fix it if it’s broken, the best I could hope for would be that it needs more coolant or something.

Anyway, normal egg white and milk for breakfast. I had my apple as a snack this morning and for lunch is a company lunch so I think we’re having hamburgers/hot dogs and i don’t know what else. I’m going to have a hamburger with no bun. I have a back-up lunch in the fridge in case i’m still hungry. My snack for later will be something that ‘s in the fridge, maybe cheese? And then who knows what for dinner. Maybe meatballs? Last night I made the mahi mahi, asparagus and spinach and made a white wine butter sauce to go over it. Made way wayy too much sauce for two people and dumped the rest (there goes a whole stick of butter) but it tasted good on the fish and the spinach.. i’m tired of asparagus, thank goodness it’s over.

Today should be easy for the rest of the day as i’m converting a file from Micro Publisher to Adobe InDesign which the last time I did that it took over a day, so I guess i’ll be working on it tomorrow too. Tomorrow is friday! Yahh!

The weekend should be fun and relatively low key. Saturday morning I’m getting my hair highlighted, blonder here I come! Then we’re headed to my cousin’s hs graduation party (love parties) and I’ll practice some restraint obviously. I’m making a cheesecake for this and can’t wait to try out Baking Illustrated’s recipe for NY Cheesecake. I may make a strawberry topping for it as well, we’ll see. Later on Saturday, I’m meeting the bride to be (for the wedding i’m in soon) and her other friends for a 2nd bachelorette party at Duke’s on the river. I plan to buy her a bunch of drinks/shots since I won’t be drinking and then when they head to the next bar, i’ll head home for the night. I’m going to look up some shots to get her and write them down so I don’t forget!

Sunday we’re having a cookout with some friends and we’ll just be relaxing all day. It’d be really nice if this cookout were at the one girls house instead of ours though, as her parents have a pool (lucky). Maybe i’ll buy some water ballons for a water balloon fight? πŸ™‚

It’s going to be a good weekend!

June 21, 2010

Life and what to do with it

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I have no idea what I want to do with my life- in terms of a career.

Couple things.. I’d like to be an appraiser to make lots of money and i’m interested in Real Estate. I’d like to be a Real Estate agent because i’m interested in real estate. I’d like to be a school teacher because I’d get summers off. I’d like to be an interior designer because I find that interesting. I’d like to be involved in building homes because I find that interesting. I’d like to design floor plans because I find that interesting. I’d like to be a cupcake baker because I find that interesting. I’d like to be a chef because that sounds like fun, other than working at night.. so a private chef would be fun.

Problem is.. for most of this stuff, if not all of it. I need more schooling. I already have a Bachelors in Business-Marketing and I don’t know if I want to jump into debt for some schooling. All I know is, I’m unhappy in my current job. So unhappy that it gives meΒ  a headache and every day I think about how I can lie so that I can leave and use some of my vacation time. I rarely do actually leave but I can tell you, I don’t do much during the day which is pretty unfair for everyone, including my poor brain that needs to think of alternate things to do to keep occupied.

Shouldn’t I be grateful that I have a job? Sure! But seriously, this job sucks. When they’re telling you for over 6 months that you’re going to get a promotion and it hasn’t come yet, it’s a little disheartening and annoying because even if you did get the promotion you’d still hate this place. So I guess I’m kind of punishing them for not giving me a raise by reducing my productivity to the level where I’m currently being paid.

The easiest approach to go is the Appraisal route. The cheapest probably as well. I need to take 3 classes (2 30-hr and 1 15-hr) and then I need to find a mentor (or 2) that will let me work for them and they’ll pay me a decent amount in return. I’ll probably need 2, definitely. One for residential and one for commercial. I have to take classes at the same time. No longer than 30 hrs so that’s bearable. And I can’t complete this whole program before 30 months. So it’s guaranteed to take a while but when I’m finished and get licensed, I can do whatever I want. (sort of). I’ll still have to work but hopefully I can make enough money and do it flexibly. Appraisal will hopefully get me out of my current job the fastest as well. Since I only need 75 hours, then basically I can get out of there. Income may be an issue. I’m not sure how much people pay trainee’s but it really can’t get much worse than what I’m making now and I’ll work part time if needed.

I really just need to get off my butt and do something. I’m motivated to lose weight but why not to get these classes underway so that I can change careers? What’s my deal??!

I’m going to set a start date of July 5th as these next couple weeks are going to be busy. And even though I’d rather be outside or doing something else, I really just need to buckle down and complete the courses needed to move on.

June 15, 2010

Totally unrelated

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So all day i’ve been thinking about this pizza thing. The going over to the in laws for pizza. Well no pizza for me actually, just salad. I’m trying to figure out what I can take over to eat since I don’t want salad and I don’t like any of the dressings they usually use. Hm.. what to take?

It kind of makes me annoyed. Though I definitely don’t want people to only please me, or only do what I want to do.. I don’t want to go. I just don’t really like being around them that much. We just saw them on friday, why so soon again? I’m in a weird mood right now. It’s probably the fact that I really want pizza but can’t have any. Also, there’s some behind the scenes stuff going on that’s stressing me out that I could probably share but don’t know if that’s really necessary. I’ll just keep struggling with it internally. At least until I get home and can talk to Alex about it. Gaaaah- I hate my job and I wish my life were a little different! I wish we could pick up and move wherever we wanted (we can’t) and I wish we could at least move halfway between my parents and his (we never will) and it’s all just really stressing me out right now. Not to mention, I never really get stressed. So this is new. And terrible!

June 8, 2010

Here we go!

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So I have a blog on blogger and I wanted to start a new one about my journey to a healthier life. I love all the wordpress blogs that I subscribed to through blogger and already i’m impressed. So many more tools and options!

But that’s not why i’m here. I’m here, writing this now, because I want to get healthier. I’ll start with some stats.

Name: Michelle

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 5’5″ and 145 lbs

Activity Level: Light – Moderate

Healthy Eating Scale (1-10): 8.5

Problem Areas: Upper Thighs and Love Handles

Goal: 130 lbs

How to attain goal: I’m going to be doing the South Beach diet as well as exercising.

Here’s a background of my life: Basically throughout my childhood and high school, i was very active in sports and in high school i hummed around the 120-125 mark. With gym class every day and only one chance to eat, followed by after-school sports plus the fact that when you’re younger your metabolism is moving faster, it was really easy to maintain that weight. Even through my first year of college I maintained that. Then when I moved home, walked less and ate more, didn’t do any extra-curricular sports or activity. I transferred to a different school with maybe one friend there and though my walking started back up, a little thing called alcohol and late night food began.

Since graduating, I dropped some weight.. but not as much as I’d like. I play volleyball in a rec-league in the winter time once a week but during the summer months I’m not as active. Luckily it’s June 8th.. plenty of time to turn that around. My husband and I like to play tennis and we recently moved out of a city and into a suburb so the neighborhood is way more conducive to walking around safely.

I outlined my plan above but here’s some more detail. I have done the South Beach diet before so it’s nothing new. But each time I lose weight, I think that I need to be rewarded, so I have some carbs. It’s a vicious cycle that i’m ready to break. Starting today. So my plan is to do Phase 1 for 3 weeks straight and then move to phase 2 and stay there. I plan to walk outside, play tennis or do pilates/yoga every day to help speed the weight loss and toning.

My goal is to lose 15 lbs and get down to 130 lbs by July 10th. That is the day my family leaves for the beach for a couple days. Every year, I dislike myself in a bikini and this year, i’m going to enjoy it. This is my inspiration. I have lots of skinny friends that look amazing in swim suits and I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t. That’s really the root of my inspiration though sometimes I tell people it’s because I want to be in shape when I have children so that I bounce back faster. That is also true but it’s mostly because I want to look as good as my friends do. It really seems like they don’t even try even though i’m sure they actually do.

Maybe you’re wondering why I decided to write a blog about this. Well, it’s just the start of a blog that can hopefully translate into a life blog. It’s starting as a lifestyle change blog and can hopefully transition in the future into a life blog, then maybe a baby blog and back to a life blog. I really enjoy writing about what i’m doing in my life and hopefully can look back on it one day and remember all the good times and maybe some of the hard times. Otherwise, i’m sure to forget.. since my memory isn’t the best already!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing much more! Here’s to success in a healthier life!