June 18, 2010

Day 11

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Well yesterday, I did end up leaving work because I wasn’t feeling well. This resulted in me having a snack when I got home (a pickle) then later making meatballs, watching Penelope, playing some Wii and then taking a nap from 2:00 to 4:45.. then I had another pickle and for dinner I had some broccoli/cauliflower cheesy mixture that I actually don’t enjoy much, so I don’t think I’ll be buying those again.

Today, I don’t feel 100% but I didn’t want to waste a vacation day being home sick. I had my usual egg white and milk for breakfast and I’m going to eat the lunch/snacks I left here yesterday, pickle.. asparagus.. roasted soy beans. I’m not hungry but whatever, I will make myself eat!

Today of course, is one of Alex’s days off. He gets off every other friday because he works 9 hour days. I wish I could do that!

Tonight we’re going to DE to visit Alex’s brother and his fiance, one of my best friends, Laurel. Her birthday was Monday so we’re going to celebrate! I don’t know what we’re doing for dinner but it should be fun. Carb-less fun.. for me anyway. I actually like going to bed sober, waking up feeling normal with no hang overs in sight. I feel like I might adopt this permanently. The South Beach book says that in phase two, you can have up to 2 glasses of wine (preferably red) so I may partake in that every once in a while, but no more beer for me! Unless it’s a special occasion. But I don’t think i’ll miss it.

That reminds me, I got Laurel a killer birthday gift. It’s a cute picnic basket from Target with matching picnic tupperware and cute napkins, stemless wine glasses and a matching blanket that rolls up for easy carrying. I’m going to stick a bottle of wine in there! I hope she likes it!!

The scale still said 141 today, but hopefully I can get some exercising in before we leave for DE and drop some more poundage over the weekend. Another thing about the weekend is I barely post anything. I’m not generally near a computer over the weekend to update on my food intake/exercise activities, so sorry! 🙂

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

later in the day…

Well, I went home for lunch.. I had celery and peanut butter and crystal light. The asparagus just didn’t sound very delicious. It was regular steamed instead of pan roasted, so it wasn’t as good the night we had it and i’m sure it’s not as good right now though it’s still in it’s tupperware. Alex will eat it as a snack when I get home.

I did however talk to my mom for 40 minutes earlier in the morning and she de-stressed my stressful situation with lots of nifty ideas and very good points. SO I feel less stressed and Alex and I will talk about it when I get home. To ease the minds, it’s about buying a piece of property, a large one, that i truly believe we currently can’t afford and that I don’t even think is a good idea to purchase! And so.. my nose is stuffed yet running and my head feels cloudy. I should’ve taken some meds earlier, but I will when I return home. Gosh, i’m just so excited to give Laurel the picnic basket/blanket gift!!!

I love and hate fridays.. love it because the weekend is at 5 pm, hate it because i have to sit at work for 8 hours pretending to do something. I mean, it’s easy to pretend and I actually do get stuff done but it seems like such a giant waste of time.

Regardless, Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


June 17, 2010

Day 10

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141 the scale read this morning. I wonder if eating breakfast really helps that much. It must!

I feel terrible today though, weird, ticklish throat, swollen lymph nodes and a headache. Alex was sick the other day but he was congested, I must have a different version of his illness. I think I may only last a couple hours in here at work today.

I am happy about the 141 thing though. I had an egg white for breakfast again and milk. I brought asparagus for lunch and a pickle for a morning snack and soy beans for an afternoon one, if i even last that long. I could’ve slept forever this morning!

I also did pilates last night, so go me! Hope to kick this sickness fast though, big plans for the weekend. I’ll have to avoid carbs but hey, i’ve done it before and I can do it again!

I made a calendar to track my weight loss by pounds and to show what challenges are coming up (aka social events that will be hard not to indulge during). As long as Alex is around, I won’t indulge because I want to do good for him. I want to have the hottest bikini body he’s ever seen me have!

June 16, 2010

Day 9

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I should just call this Day 1

SHEESH! The scale went up this morning. AGAIN.. that’s right. I haven’t been eating any carbs and i’m actually gaining weight. No more diet products and i’m still gaining weight. WTF!

I’ve decided that maybe not eating breakfast is the kicker. So i’m going to make sure I have breakfast every day. Even if it kills me. I’ve been so tired in the morning recently though due to allergies that it’s hard to wake up earlier than my normal wake up time. I’m going to try to work on that.

Last night I had salad for dinner. That’s it, salad. Everyone else had pizza. It was sad and it looked good. Then we went out to the orchard and picked sour cherries. Could I taste one? No. But that was my work out. By the time we got home, I showered and we went to bed. I was reading some of the South Beach books though and I’m figuring I should make some of the recipes ahead of time and freeze them so that I can take less thought out of what to eat.

Today I had an egg white for breakfast and 3 oz of milk. I’m going to have a cheese stick for a snack and i’m going home for lunch to have veggies.. maybe some meatballs. it’ll be good to get away from my desk, even if it is wasting gas. I will update with more later.

Later in the day..

So for lunch I went home and sauteed peppers and onions and put them on a bed of lettuce with salsa and some sour cream. I didn’t eat the whole thing because I was filling up fast. I still feel like a beluga whale. But whatever. It’ll probably rain tonight and Alex and I wanted to play tennis so i’ll have to do some pilates instead.. and vacuuming with our new vacuum.

I’m still stressed a bit due to the lack of weight loss and the whole other sitch that i didn’t explain but I expressed my feelings to Alex last night and he was understandably frustrated. I won’t be explaining further. I’m sure it’ll work out, it’s just hard to plan 5 years in advance.

I don’t know what we’ll have for dinner. My cravings have disappeared because of not eating carbs (even though I haven’t dropped a pound, oh, i said that already.. my bad). So whatever Alex feels like having will be just fine.

June 15, 2010


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I tend to feel more motivated while i’m at work. Maybe this is because I know I can’t get out of here to do anything I actually want to do. When I get home, all I want to do is relax from my day. I think this stems from disliking my job. If I liked it I wouldn’t try to think of excuses to leave all the time, would I? I have some things I want to start to get out of here but at the same time, I’m not starting them. I like to plan but not execute I guess. It’s kinda sickening.

June 14, 2010

I’m giving up

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artificially sweetened foods.. not the diet. 🙂 tricked ya!

i had a diet pepsi with my lunch and my lunch portion was not that big and i feel giant. then i went online and googled it and apparently, sugar free stuff is not good if you’re trying to lose weight. so bye bye sugar free.

that drastically reduces what i can have to drink, but i’ll just have to stick with water or milk. no problem. i feel terrible right now, so i’m not sure if its from the soda, mental stuff? or the germs alex gave me this weekend. i’ll chug some water and find out.

get fit!

Day 7

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The boring-ness continues. Milk for breakfast, I will have a cheese stick here soon for a snack. Leftovers from last night’s delicious short rib dinner for lunch and then I’ll have to figure out the next snack. I currently feel tired but I think I’m getting sick because Alex is home sick today. I’m sure he’s passed me some germs. I took some meds this moring as a pre-offensive. I always think of my bodily functions as being done by tiny people. So i sent medicine in for reinforcements in case they have to go to war against this intruder (the cold). Silly but fun to think about.

Anyway, that’s what Day 7 will consist of. Also, going to the grocery store. Yippee!

Day 5 & 6

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Well this weekend wasn’t easy.. I’ll explain 🙂

Saturday I had my milk for breakfast, went for a 1 mile walk, had some cheese, watched Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and had a nice salad for lunch. My afternoon turned into getting a mani/pedi (made me never want to get a pedi again) and then going out to dinner at El Serrano which is a fab peruvian restaurant. Well at this restaurant you always get chips and salsa with your meal and their margaritas are the bomb! Did I have any?? NO! Well technically no.. I did have a traditional margarita, but it only had 10 g carbs so that seemed reasonable since I hadn’t had any bad carbs all day. The chip thing was hard though. They have the best chips and salsa.. and I usually get a dish that includes a tortilla but instead just got a taco salad. We went back to our friends afterward and they continued to drink and I continued to be sober. I’ve been painfully aware recently of how many carbs/calories are in 1. restaurant food and 2. alcoholic beverages. Not to mention I felt like a jumbo jet all weekend.

Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary, very exciting. We slept in and had breakfast, watched the serbia/ghana world cup game (which i slept through, mostly). Went to Bull’s Head pub for a couple hours where I again just drank Diet Coke with lemon and had a tossed salad for lunch. Our big dinner was later on and I was intent on being a good girl. We met a couple there celebrating their 1 year anniversary as well, isn’t that funny. Afterward, we stopped and looked at two open houses in a new neighborhood near our house just for fun and then watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. By the time that was over it was time to head to dinner.

After we arrived at Penn Square Grille, Alex told me that we will only have one 1 year anniversary and that I should throw the diet to the wind for one meal and celebrate. I knew I would regret it later but I agreed. We had calamari/rock shrimp and then thick cut bacon as appetizers. (Note to self, always share an appetizer). Then our meals came. I ordered Short Ribs which came with two butternut squash filled raviolis served with spinach and also a side of green beans. Healthy enough, right? I had a glass of Riesling with my appetizer and then a glass of Pino Noir with my meal. Great pairings. After dinner, we split a piece of creme brule cheesecake which was to die for. We actually got that comp’d due to our anniversary, so that was very nice. So my main fails: wine and dessert.. the other parts of the meal were fine in my carb book. Of course when we got home I felt like a jumbo jet again.

I’ve never really been so aware of how unhappy I am with my figure. Mostly my thighs and my love handles. I know i’ve said this before but everytime I sit down in shorts, I feel gross. Anyway, I’m back to business which was the plan anyway.. and considering the fact that even though I was dieting all weekend, Sunday morning I weighed like 143 or something.. which was up from the day before, after i had been SO good on Saturday. So that was very discouraging.

This week, i’m going to walk every day at least a mile and try to do the pilates/yoga dvd at least twice this week. Or maybe Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Saturday. I still feel motivated, so that’s a good sign….. right? 🙂

June 11, 2010

Old Photographs

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As I was uploading pictures from my camera last night, I thought i’d try to organize my iPhoto a little bit by naming the albums. After that was completed I looked through some old pictures of myself from college (3-4 years ago now) and I think I have new inspiration.

Obviously I was a little thinner back then, really my happiest was my junior/senior year of high school and first semester freshmen year of college. Back when gym class was mandatory and after school sports were regular. Even in college for that first semester we had to walk everywhere and I even went to the gym from time to time.

Now as the week nights fill up with friendly dinners and other projects, it seems there’s less time for physical activity. The weekends include some but cleary not enough. It’s really awesome that it’s summer now and we’ll get to go swimming and kayaking, play tennis and maybe volleyball and just be outdoors.

Those photographs reminded me that it’s possible to drop the poundage and look/feel the way I used to. It shows me what i’ll look like if I do lose the weight, which i’m going to. I’m feeling very motivated to not give up and hoping the next couple of weeks fly by. I think it’s getting easier because my appetite is ceasing to exist as much as it was before. And i’m feeling smaller even if the scale doesn’t totally reflect it. Ohh 130 is going to look SO good on me!

I do know one thing though.. diet cola tastes best with a lemon wedge! 🙂

Day 4

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Last night recap:

Well Red Lobster was delicious! And i got what I said I was getting plus had a couple chips with the lobster/spinach/artichoke dip. I did not have any biscuits! So I consider it a success!

However, when i stepped on the scale this morning, it was more than yesterday, so it overall.. was no success. Lesson learned though! This weekend will be a breeze!

Today so far I’ve only had 3 oz of 1% milk.. no time to make an egg for breakfast (i’m not crying about it because I actually don’t like eggs for breakfast). I didn’t eat that asparagus from yesterday so that’s my lunch and I have cheese and pickles as my morning and afternoon snack. Seems simple enough. We’re going out to eat again tonight at Iron Hill.. sheesh! All this eating out! But I’ll either get the fajita taco salad or just a tossed salad and chili.. the 2nd option is cheaper. The taco salad is $14!!!! I know right! It’s delicious but not really worth $14. I mean, it’s just lettuce, some avacado, chicken.. can it really cost that much? Their profit margin must be through the roof on that salad!

I truly cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow! And Sunday! This should be a very relaxing and yet productive (as I attempt to cross things off my chore list) weekend. So happy it’s friday! Have a fab weekend!!

June 10, 2010

Day 3

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I will review what we had for dinner last night and then move onto today.

Alex was nice enough to have dinner almost ready when I got home, since we had to leave soon after. We had garlicky asparagus and mahi mahi with salsa. Not the taco salad I was planning but still good.. and definitely healthy. The graduation ceremony was long (as they all are) and after we took a lot of pictures and headed home. I’ve been waking up tired recently but i’m 90% sure it’s because of allergies.

This morning for breakfast, I didn’t have much time so I just had a glass of milk. And I brought the left over asparagus as a snack. I’m going to lunch today with one of our printers and I’ll probably get a salad. Tonight we’re going out to eat with my parents and grandparents, so I need to look up some places in Harrisburg that are 1. not a chain restaurant and 2. have a good menu that everyone will enjoy. I’m really craving mexican but I’m not sure how much my grandparents enjoy that.

I’m going to do my best to work hard today because when I do work hard, the day goes really fast. And I can’t stand to have another slow day going on! More and more am I in favor of shorter work weeks, even if that means longer hours. I need a new job. One that pays well and is flexible!

After Lunch

So the salad thing was a no-go.. they just didn’t have anything appealing. So I did this thing that some may consider cheating but I consider appeasing. I had a chicken/cheese quesadilla from the appetizer menu. I had two of the four hunks and it was delicious. Therefore, I probably ate about 22g of carbs or less.. just an educated guestimate. I feel good about it. Why? Because you can’t limit yourself all the time. That leads you to binge hardcore. So i’m not sorry about it and now I know that I can handle it without going crazy. That’s the whole point anyway.. I need to learn to eat small portions of good things every once in a while.

Tonight I decided we’re going to Red Lobster and I’ve already picked out what I’m getting after looking at their nutirion facts. Sidebar – very little at a restaurant is healthy, it makes me not want to go out to eat, ever! that’s probably a good thing!!! Ok so i’m going to get a tossed salad with ranch, this has 16 carbs and 3 of it is from the dressing. I’m thinking that this includes the good carbs that the veggies include, what else could it be? Croutons? Well I won’t be consuming those anyway! Then i’m going to have the build your own thingy with Shrimp Scampi (0 carbs) and then salmon (also 0 carbs) with asparagus (supposedly 5 carbs but again, they’re probably good ones). So that’s not bad! Planning ahead is doing me well so far. Even though lunch threw me off. Hopefully tomorrow I can take a walk around the neighborhood.. but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

PS. It’s gorgeous outside!